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Mission Statement

To build a vital and relevant community that is committed to continuing Jesus’ mission on earth, ie. to see people reconciled to God and set free by the power of the cross and resurrection of Jesus!




1. To love, honour and worship God in community, while recognising that each individual will have a unique expression within the whole.

2. To pursue a Holy Spirit led spirituality, in alignment with the Scriptures, in the Green Wedge of Nillumbik, actively seeking to be a conduit for the Presence of God in our church and community, and to lead people into relationship with God through Christ.

3. To develop a family of believers where ‘love for one another’ will be real and tangible, and grace, mercy and honour will flourish, and people will be built up, ministered to, and equipped to grow and step into their identity in Christ and their authority as believers.

(John 13:34 - 35 and Eph 4:11 - 12)

4. To intentionally pursue Worship, and prophetic giftings, healing, and other gifts of the Spirit.

5. To continue to develop awareness of the Redemptive Purpose of the Green Wedge of Nillumbik, believing that it has been preserved and prepared for His greater spiritual purposes. An indication of the Redemptive Purpose is reflected in the uniqueness of the area, particularly in regards to creativity, environmental focus, and the quest for spiritual fulfillment.

6. We acknowledge that we are a unique church in a unique area, and will foster a Holy Spirit led creative, artistic, prophetic church community.

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